BIPOC Design History Conference

As part of Dann Petty’s Brief’d UI class, I designed a landing page for a fictitious event of my musing.

BIPOC Design History Conference

In this creative brief, I was tasked with creating a landing page detailing information about an event of my choosing with registration and payment info all on the homepage, as well as a logo garden and 3 featured speakers.


In the spirit of giving credit, space, and visibility to influencial people of color in the field of design and beyond, I chose to incorporate W.E.B. DuBois’s Data Visualizations. Originally published in 1900 to visually explain institutionalized racism to the world, these beautiful illustrations help introduce the conference and set the tone for the event rooted in history and uplifting BIPOC culture shifters.

I also wanted to feature artwork from black visual artists. I’m a massive fan of Nkosi Ndvlovu, Melbourne-based collage artist, and Khari Turner, NYC-based abstract realist painter.

The final design brought all these elements together to create a cohesive and visual story in celebration of tech pioneers of color.

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