Let's Get Acquainted

What's in an introduction? I wanted to challenge myself with a visual exploration of introducing myself as a designer - and a human. Lovely to meet you.

Let's Get Acquainted

I've always found the question "Tell me about yourself" succinctly vast. One of my favorite poem lines comes to mind: "I am large, I contain multitudes." But when we don't have time for multitudes, what do we do? These questions served as the basis of this creative project - the most meaningful constraints I've worked with to date.


I wanted to take advantage of the rare opportunity to indulgently bring my personality into my design. I wanted to create a cinematic experience, using engaging imagery, full viewport padding, and hand-drawn shapes to emphasize meaningful moments in each section. I explored different hand-drawn styles and ultimately incorporated an organic mix of the various directions I vectorized in Illustrator.

I wanted the additional challenge of maintaining center alignment throughout the page, using immersive imagery to balance the composition and tease continuation above the fold. The result was a high-end feel with humble contents. Multitudes, indeed.

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